CSC111- Computer Programming in JAVA

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Welcome to course: CSC 111 Java Programming 1.

This course is very important for maintaining your good progress in your academic study. It is essential to acquire a good programming skills, which will help you to finish a lot of requirements for your future courses up till your graduation project.

How to Study and get high grads for this course:

1) Lab, tutorial and lecture attendances and participation are very essential for this course. You will never be able to acquire the  required skills without participation. Partial grades will be deducted for absence.

2) Be up to date in your study. After each lecture you need to revise the lecture same day (only 10-20 minutes), but how? Just try to read the explanation given in the slides, then hide any code and write it yourself, then correct it from the slides. See where you couldn’t write or where you don’t understand. This will help you to do very well in exams.

3) Try to do your best for each tutorial and solve it by yourself. Then come to tutorial class prepared with questions and discussion. Return home and revise the correct answers.

4) Lab participation is the most important. This will help you to apply all your skills and see your contributions and abilities. It will help you to get very good marks in the course and in midterm and final exams. Take care that tutorial and lab work are now 30% of the course mark. Loosing these marks will highly affect your grades.

5) Quizzes will help you to be up to date in your study and will give you a feed back about your strength and weaknesses.

6) Copying is not allowed and will be marked as a -10 mark, and will affect your progress through out the course.

7) Practice, Practice, Practice …. you have a plenty of resources in the book.

8) We are always here to help you. Just come and ask our great team:)


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